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Round-up of reviews in France

My editor at Albin Michel has sent this along — a round-up in translation of what has been said about Red Sky in Morning in the French national press… “The most astonishing first novel of the year. At the point of writing, already among the greatest talents of Irish literature” — Julien Bisson, Lire (France) “The art of the storytelling is so impressive, the writing so poetic, painful and beautiful at the same time, that it makes for a unique reading experience” — Bruno Corty , Le Figaro (France) “The language is rich, sophisticated, lyrical and violent at the same time… a first novel worthy of Cormac McCarthy, Saul Bellow, John Banville, Colum McCann, Vladimir Nabokov, or authors of such legacy.” — Emmanuel Romer, La Croix (France) “The new guard of Irish letters never ceases to fascinate with its visionary power. To these names must immediately be added Paul Lynch, because his first novel is simply masterful — André Clavel, Le Temps (Switzerland) Nothing is missing in this transcontinental western, written by a master of landscape and light” — Véronique Rossignol, Livres Hebdo (France) “This first novel by an extraordinary writer has received a tremendous reception in the Anglo-Saxon world. The bet is that he will be as successful in France, where such talent will not fail to burst into the open” — Sophie Royere , (France) “A dark poetry infuses this first novel of sound and fury. A young writer promised to a brilliant future” — Le Journal du Dimance “In a few words: the craftsmanship of a great stylist” — La Quinzaine Littéraire “The beauty of his writing imbued with lyricism is dazzling” — Elle “Influenced and nourished by a past more mythical than historical, “Red Sky in Morning” is as contemporary a novel as it can be. Its rhythms and its visions, and its suspense, come from our age’s visual and cinematographic culture. With its mixed influences, its shattered geography which opens on the beginnings of America and modernity, this novel blends irreconcilable temporalities” — Le Monde de Livres “There is in Paul Lynch’s writing a kind of lyrical and poetic fever which transcends everything, including the most harrowing scenes. Red Sky in Morning takes us on such a journey that when we come to the end, we feel like we have dreamed it all” — Les Echoes “An amazing first novel, strikingly beautiful, with a nervous pace that takes the reader on an unforgettable journey” — PAGE “Clear and intense as a tragedy, the novel reveals in Paul Lynch an incredibly talented Irish writer” — Trois Couleurs

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