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Philipp Meyer and Ron Rash on The Black Snow

As preparations for Little Brown’s release of THE BLACK SNOW in the US & Canada next May are gathering pace, I am so pleased to share some early blurbs for the book that have come from two truly great American writers.

Philipp Meyer, whoseepic novel The Son was runner-up for last year’s Pulitzer Prize, has just said this about THE BLACK SNOW: “A brilliant, hypnotic book. You will lose yourself in the sounds and rhythms — Lynch makes the page sing like the old masters.”

Meanwhile, Ron Rash, author of Serena and The Cove, sent us this: “Lynch establishes himself as one of his generation’s very finest novelists… The Black Snow is a dark, mesmerizing study in obsession, despair, and secrets too long held”.

It’s been a great and busy year with many festivals at home and abroad, and I want to thank everybody who made 2014 such a memorable year, bought my books and came to my events, and to the many people who make such events happen.

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