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Media roundup: what they have been saying about Red Sky in Morning

“A cracking debut novel. Paul Lynch’s startling, evocative prose veers closer to poetry…. This novel is a wonderful achievement” — Sunday Times

“A compulsive read that may well become one of the hits of the summer.… a combination of the poetic and the vicious. It unabashedly uses a 21st-century sensibility to subvert the conventions of the ‘historical’ novel” — Irish Times

“A novel of distinction” — Irish Independent

“A literary star is born…. Red Sky in Morning is an epic tale of murder, pursuit, and oppression… vividly drawn, beautifully written, and propulsive from the get-go. It’s a thumping good read — and a real heartbreaker” — Image magazine

“Lynch’s searingly dark lyricism is redolent of Cormac McCarthy at his most gothic… an arresting new voice in Irish fiction” — MetroHerald

“Muscular and opulent… the novel is ripe with spookily vivid writing. A very stylishly written book that takes the Irish novel into quite a different genre” — The Examiner

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