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Kirkus Star for The Black Snow

As we come closer to the North American release of THE BLACK SNOW, the notoriously tough US book bible Kirkus has given the book a Starred Review — a much sought after designation in the US book industry. The Kirkus Star is reserved for “Books of Exceptional Merit”. In 2013, RED SKY IN MORNING also received a starred review.

The book magazine says of THE BLACK SNOW, “With his second novel, Lynch has a Seamus Heaney ear for the sights and sounds of rural life, making his prose thick and jagged, sometimes ponderous and often evocative. Lynch evokes so many shades of guilt, pride, innocence, righteousness, and punishment that the book might help found a religion….”

In another advance review, Booklist says THE BLACK SNOW is, “at once so starkly brutal and so beautiful that it is impossible to look away” and calls the book, “A stunning tale of retribution and disintegration”.

Meanwhile, a review in Publishers Weekly calls THE BLACK SNOW a “stark tale of tragic consequences” and says, “Lynch’s beautifully intertwined emotional and physical landscapes have a timelessness.”

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